Our mission :

Secure and accelerate cash,
Creating the conditions for sustainable growth

Provide visibility to control customer and supplier risk

Assess the financial health, creditworthiness and default risk of your business partners in real time. Thanks to the high reliability of our financial, strategic, legal and commercial information, you can easily arbitrate customer risk, calmly manage your inter-company credit policy and meet your obligations under the Sapin 2 law.

Financial Intelligence

Credit Investigations

Compliance Sapin 2 law

Secure your turnover in France and abroad

Develop your turnover without financial risk, secure the payment of your invoices and reduce the risk of non-payment. With our innovative financial guarantee solution, you benefit from “a single line” trade credit insurance. You can insure one or more outstanding receivables quickly and easily.

“Single Risk” Trade Credit Insurance

Accelerate cash inflow and optimize working capital

Accelerate the payment of your invoices, improve your working capital and optimize the productivity of your teams. From preventive dunning to contentious collection, you benefit from our expertise as a debt collection agency, you optimize the collection of your receivables by implementing procedures adapted to the type of your debtors. You automate and improve your cash and credit procedures with our software.

Amicable collection and litigation

Preventive dunning


Identify market opportunities to boost growth

Identify the opportunities and threats related to your environment and orient your strategy. Thanks to our experts, you can monitor your markets, analyze your competitors’ and partners’ movements, and identify new suppliers or external growth targets to capture market share more quickly.

Strategic Intelligence

Financing the WCR

Secure your supply chain and strengthen your commercial partnerships by anticipating the payment of your suppliers’ invoices while preserving your company’s cash-flow. With URIOS and its privileged partners, SMEs can access and benefit from powerful tools for financing their suppliers’ invoices.

Supply Chain Finance

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