Cash & Credit, the software that meets your challenges

Automation is the key to improving the performance of the order to cash process

The 5 major benefits:

  • Accelerate cash inflow
  • Improve team productivity
  • Share the cash culture to reduce customer risk
  • Decide based on the real value of the customer
  • Identify performance levers

Accelerate cash inflow

“Use all preventive and curative levers to reduce payment delays and improve cash flow”

Do everything you can to get your customers to pay you on time and improve your DSO. The Cash & Credit debt collection software allows you to systematically deploy personalized receivables management scenarios, combining preventive and curative levers to eliminate or reduce payment delays.

 The Cash & Credit collection software allows :

  • Automated ” multi-channel ” pre-reminders and reminders.
  • Dispute resolution process.
  • Automatic sending of invoices as attachments.
  • Detection of changes in payment behavior.
  • Solvency and guarantee studies, formal notice and outsourced collection in one click in partnership with URIOS.

Improve team productivity

“Digitize your dunning and credit management processes”

To help finance teams be more productive, allow your employees to focus on value-added actions by automating repetitive tasks with Robotic Process Automation (RPA). Bring your processes into the digital age without disrupting your dunning and credit management practices.

The Cash & Credit collection software integrates:

  • Automation of personalized multi-channel, mass or one-off dunning.
  • Dynamic scenarios according to the profile and behavior of the customer and exceptional events.
  • Intelligent allocation of actions to employees.
  • Task agenda by user.

Sharing the cash culture to reduce customer risk

“Centralize customer credit information and accelerate the synergy between all players in the customer relationship, from sales to finance.”

To improve your receivables, raising awareness of customer risk among all players in the order-to-cash chain is a priority. The Cash & Credit debt collection software allows you to centralize and share customer information between the teams: sales, finance, credit management, collection. The internal synergy created by the collection software allows you to prevent customer risk, accelerate the resolution of disputes and enable payment on time.

The Cash & Credit collection software integrates:

  •  ollaborative approval and alert workflow, delegation management.
  • Consolidation of customer risk and collection.
  • Management of credit insurance and outstanding debt limits.
  • Sharing of key indicators by account: credit limit, DSO, BPDSO, Excess, ACD, overdue, blocked amounts, open orders with the sales department, sales representatives, finance department, accounting department…

Decide based on the real value of the customer

“Base your strategy on a global financial knowledge”

The client credit policy must be as personalized as possible. To achieve this, you must be able to rely on a global financial knowledge of each customer. The Cash & Credit debt collection software allows you to adapt your credit strategy to the real situation of the customer, on the one hand by consolidating information from several sources (multi ERP), but also by benefiting from an analytical view of the account from several angles: by group or paying center, for example. This makes it possible to recontextualize an unpaid debt and to identify the strategic stakes of your customer accounts.

The Cash & Credit collection software offers:

  • Integration of all financial accounting and extra-accounting elements: from open orders to the complete customer ledger, beyond unpaid invoices.
  • Lettering of payments with their invoices.
  • Sales decision support tool: unified 360° view of customer value.

Identify performance levers

“Have a tool for steering, analyzing and anticipating”.

As a basis for optimizing the Order to Cash process, the implementation of key performance indicators (KPI) allows you to identify the risks and elements that can impact your WCR. The study of payment behaviors will allow you to adapt your credit policy and your dunning scenarios according to the type of your debtors.

Finally, a detailed follow-up of your teams’ tasks will allow you to identify the weaknesses of your processes, which will allow you to optimize them in order to accelerate payments and better control your cash flow.

Cash & Credit allows

  • Cash flow forecasts, monitoring of customer payment promises.
  • Monitoring of expenses, teams and deadlines.
  • Risk, activity and performance indicators.
  • Identification of non-conformities and points of improvement.

Cash & Credit® features

Do you think that debt collection software is too rigid in relation to the specificity of your business or your clients? Discover the features that make Cash & Credit® the most agile debt collection software on the market!