Credit Investigations

Evaluate the solvency of business partners and anticipate their payment behaviour


  • Evaluate the sustainability and solvency of your partner, even when accounts are confidential
  • Remedy the lack of information in databases
  • Anticipate your clients’ payment behaviour
  • Define the best payment conditions to secure your turnover

Credit investigations: Why evaluate the solvency of your partner?

At URIOS, we are specialists in customer and supplier risk. Through our commercial and financial intelligence service, we offer you support in securing your business relationships, reducing customer risk with regard to the solvency of your commercial partners, in France and internationally.

Faced with a new client, a company that does not publish its balance sheet or that opts for confidentiality of its accounts or a client that has late payments, you need to have more information before placing your trust.

Our objective is to evaluate the financial health of your partners in real time and anticipate their future payment behaviour:

  • to protect you from default risks
  • to enable you to adapt your intercompany credit conditions

Our credit investigations are based on an indepth investigation by our experts and cross-referenced during interviews with the various stakeholders.

The intelligence provided on the sustainability and solvency of a company is therefore reliable and pertinent.

Our specificity: an optimum quality of information

Our added value : providing with you unparalleled visibility on the solidity, reliability and probity of your partners

The information we collect consists of structured and unstructured quantitative & qualitative data. This data is sourced from:

  • databases,
  • legal sources, the press, the web,
  • and in particular from interviews conducted by our experts with the various stakeholders of the company investigated (the company itself, its clients, suppliers, banks, administrators… ).

To guarantee optimum quality of information, our strength lies in the multiplication of sources and cross-referencing of information.

Information is analysed by our experts, who subsequently give you their detailed recommendations based on transcripts of the interviews conducted.

Our final opinion is summarised by:

  • a credit risk score and a recommended credit limit or maximum outstanding amount for clients
  • a risk score and an opinion on sustainability and technical capacity for suppliers.

Credit investigations, the strength of verified data

  • Credit investigations on clients, prospects or suppliers in France and internationally on an ad hoc or regularly updated basis, available at all times in your secured client account.
  • The most comprehensive information on the market thanks to cross-referencing of multiple sources and interviews.
  • Various formats according to your challenges and level of urgency.
  • You can discuss matters with the expert who conducted the investigation.
  • Official authorisation to access Confidential accounts.

How to analyse inter-company credit risk in times of crisis?

To help credit managers and financial departments adapt their credit policy, we have developed our credit investigations and risk scoring by taking into account the most recent economic factors.