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URIOS, consulting firm and software publisher specializing in working capital performance

“URIOS is at your side to secure and accelerate cash flow and create the conditions for sustainable growth. For over 25 years, we have been helping companies to secure customer and supplier risks in France and abroad, accelerate cash flow and finance working capital.

Thanks to our know-how in financial research and strategic intelligence, we validate the solvency and probity of companies in real time. This very high value-added information, synthesized by financial and extra-financial ratings, generates confidence between business partners. It allows the personalization of trade credit policies, the acceleration of exchanges and ultimately the growth of turnover.

To reduce the risk of non-payment and accelerate cash flow, we are also recognized for our innovative solutions: the financial guarantee of an outstanding customer, or “single line” trade credit insurance, in collaboration with our partner AIG, and the automation of collection with our Cash & Credit software.

With a consolidated turnover of €16.5M in 2022, 90 employees, a volume of 20,000 studies per year and more than €125M assigned in collection and preventive dunning, URIOS is a major player in the Commercial and Financial Intelligence and Debt Collection market.

Our mission: Restore confidence to accelerate recovery.”

Our solutions at every stage of the operating cycle

Our solutions allow you to develop your business, secure customer risk and accelerate cash flow.

Strategic Intelligence

  • Compliance Sapin 2 law

Financial Intelligence

  • Credit investigations
  • Guaranteed investigations
  • Database

Credit management services

  • Preventive dunning
  • Amicable & Contentious collection
  • Software

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