Business & Financial Intelligence

Evaluate the financial health and sustainability of your business partners


  • Evaluate the solidity of your partners
  • Reduce and manage customer risk
  • Develop business by promoting Finance-Business cooperation
  • Cover default risks: secure your turnover and its advance payments

URIOS commercial and financial intelligence

For more than 20 years, we have been enabling our clients to protect themselves against business partner default risks and to secure intercompany credit.

To do this we provide them with substantiated, objective, updated and predictive assessments on the financial health of their clients, suppliers or sub-contractors.

Our intelligence is a veritable reference guide enabling concerted decision-making between all the players in the client financial relationship, from sales reps to credit managers.

How to asses the financial health of a company?

Our range of solutions extends from simple database consultation to provision of veritable credit investigations.

  • Access to the database is suitable for an initial approach to a third party’s solvency. Assessments are based mainly on public data. A company that has recently been set up or that does not publish its accounts will therefore have a score that can be quite removed from reality.
  • Our credit investigations are based on legal, financial, economic and business investigation work. Data is cross-referenced by our experts during interviews with representatives of the target company itself, its clients, its suppliers and its banks. Each investigation is therefore the result of a very high level of human intervention. This ensures high added-value, reliable and pertinent intelligence on the sustainability and solvency of a company.
  • If necessary, can guarantee our information via a guaranteed investigations. This guarantee is an alternative to refusals from credit insurers for example, or to excessively low credit limits.

URIOS, the high added-value business and financial intelligence specialist 

20 000 investigations conducted per year

Investigations conducted by expert analysts with 5-year degrees in Management, Financial Analysis, Law

Multilingual staff who, with the support of local correspondents, can conduct investigations in over 150 countries.


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