Compliance with the Sapin 2 Law in France

The Sapin 2 Law, necessitating evaluation of third parties


  • Reduce your non-compliance risks regarding the Sapin 2 law
  • Optimising KYC
  • Assess the opportunities and threats related to your business environment
  • Benefit from decision-making tools regarding the continuation of your business relationships

Which companies are concerned by the Sapin 2 Law in France?

  • Does your company have more than 500 employees?
  • Is your turnover equal to or higher than €100M?
  • Or are you part of a group of this size whose headquarters are in France?

If so, the requirements of the “Sapin 2 Law” apply to you. The Sapin II law introduced a legal requirement regarding regarding the corruption and influence peddling and risk management measures. In light of this, your company is obliged to implement the 8 risk-management measures recommended by the French Anti-corruption Agency, in particular measure n° 4 pertaining to the evaluation of stakeholders, since June 2017.

URIOS has developed expertise to support companies that are subject to this law, providing you with support to assess opportunities and threats related to your business environment and to reduce your risks of non-compliance.

What are the compliance solutions?

The Sapin 2 law in France requires you to implement procedures to evaluate your third parties – clients, suppliers, co-contractors and sub-contractors – in order to ensure that the latter have sufficient guarantees in terms of integrity.

To do this, for each company, you must identify its main directors (CEO, managing directors, top management…), its direct shareholders and its beneficial owners holding more than 25% of capital.

URIOS, a strategic information specialist, supports you with this evaluation of your stakeholders. We help you to reduce your reputational, legal, financial and strategic risks.

Our solution for Compliance with the Sapin 2 law is organized in three phases:

  1. Identification of your third parties’ directors and ultimate beneficiaries, and enhancement of your database.
  2. Mapping of compliance risks: identification of risks for each target (compliance check), qualification of risk level (compliance score) and monitoring.
  3. In the event of a positive alert, our Strategic intelligence experts conduct indepth due diligence on the stakeholder, wherever it is located in the world, via field investigations, interviews or cross-referencing of multiple sources to assess actual risks.

Evaluation of an isolated third party can be conducted concurrently with a credit investigation.

Our specificity: an optimum quality of information

Les bons chiffres

  • More than 25 years of expertise in business and financial intelligence and strategic intelligence
  • Over 25,000 investigations conducted every year by our experts
  • Consolidation of almost one thousand sources internationally
  • Private investigation agency licence issued by the National Council of Private Security Activities in France, authorising us to conduct investigations on individuals.