Amicable & contentious collection

Implement the best collection strategy


  • Collect on average 80% of your receivables via the amicable phase
  • Benefit from a collection strategy that is customised according to your receivables and your debtors’ solvency.
  • Save time via entire or partial outsourcing of the process according to your organisation or your peaks in activity.

Reduce your customer’s payment terms

With URIOS services, you benefit from our solid collection experience. Our experts advise you on the most appropriate approach to reduce legal fees, manage your budget and ensure your receivables are collected.

Upstream, thanks to the quality of our commercial and credit investigations, we gain comprehensive understanding and analysis of the debtor’s situation and financial health. This will enable us to determine the best collection strategy.

Downstream, you will benefit from the reliability of our network of independent legal partners, lawyers and bailiffs.

Our collection agents are selected based on their capacity to negotiate with debtor clients.  They are adept in terms of all the arguments put forward by bad payers and are expertly trained to provide appropriate responses and work in collaboration with your teams on settling identified disputes.

Amicable collection

As a collection agency, our main focus is on the amicable phase. Our main challenge is to negotiate a solution to ensure payment while preserving your business relationship with the debtor.

The first written dunning is necessary to officially state our position and our role as an authorised representative to collect your receivables.

Contacts by telephone will subsequently make it possible to conduct a diagnosis, deal with objections and find appropriate solutions. Each collection manager prepares and structures   his/her negotiation in order to obtain fast payment from the debtor and, where this is not the case, obtain information on the debtor’s solvency and the existence of assets that could be seized.

As well as the standard collection process outlined above, we adapt to any procedures previously conducted internally.

Contentious collection

If the debtor has not reacted by the end of the amicable phase, the contentious and legal phase can be envisaged (Order for Payment, Interim Payment Order, Full Civil Proceedings).

Before engaging any procedure, the collection manager analyses the supporting documents relating to the debt and the debtor’s solvency. Subsequently, the collection manager proposes the procedure most appropriate to the debtor’s situation and the amount of the debt.

When necessary, the collection manager will envisage implementation of protective measures to safeguard your rights.

Thanks to our network, we can put you in contact with lawyers and bailiffs to implement your legal proceedings.

The contentious collection strategy enhances the credibility of your client dunning process.

Our complementary and innovative debt collection solutions

  • Online order of formal notice, including via registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt
  • Monitoring of collective procedures
  • Cleaning up aged trial balance
  • NFTA (Not Found at This Address) credit investigation to locate debtors
  • Search for assets that can be seized with a view to garnishments