Easy access to the first level of financial analysis


  • Qualification and better knowledge of your client base
  • Identify areas of risk
  • Evaluate the sustainability of your stakeholders

What is the URIOS financial database?

URIOS provides you with access to a database of information on French and European companies: Online Data Alizée.

Information is presented in the form of a summary of legal and financial data. The rating provided enables an initial vision of a company’s solvency and sustainability.

As part of a management decision with significant stakes, and to obtain updated and more detailed information, it is necessary to conduct credit investigations. This means you will have reliable, detailed and up-to-date information that will enable you to decide with peace of mind.

What is in the business information database?

  • Company qualification data: corporate name, legal form, French business description code (NAF code), contact details, staff numbers…
  • Financial and legal data: balance sheet, profit and loss account, turnover, EBITDA, equity, credit score, directors, affiliate links, legal announcements…
  • Search per corporate name, company registration n° or director for example.

What complementary services are available to the database?

  • Surveillance of a corporate name
  • Production of a targeted file listing companies to be explored
  • Registration of a portfolio of companies: cleansing and qualification of client database
  • Mapping of a portfolio of companies: legal and financial qualification of all the entities, segmentation of client risk.

Information easily accessible via your electronic client account

  • 24/7 access via your client account
  • Order documents such as company statutes or certificate of incorporation
  • Order and manage automatic alerts
  • Order a credit investigation in a single click.