Reverse Factoring

Secure your supply chain and finance supplier payments.

Benefit from a powerful financing tool accessible to SME’s.


  • Accelerate the payment of supplier invoices via a financier to secure your supplies
  • Give visibility and financing to your suppliers in order to promote their growth
  • Finance your WCR in an innovative way by obtaining supplier credit and preserve your cash
  • Reduce the risk of administrative sanctions related to non-compliance with the rules of payment deadlines

What is Reverse Factoring?

Reverse Factoring is a WCR financing solution. Meaning that it finances the payment of supplier invoices, instead of the company’s delivered orders targeted by the traditional factoring.

With the Reverse Factoring, the buyer sends the invoices of his supplier(s) for anticipated payment or payment within the stipulated period. This way, Reverse Factoring allows a Buyer to have a financial institution to quickly pay the invoices due to its suppliers. The Buyer then preserves their cash-flow by having quick access to liquidities.

In a context of economic crisis, increased risk of failure, and supply difficulties, Reverse Factoring entails the solution that allows your business partners to benefit from a quick payment of their invoices, without impacting your company’s cash-flow. It is a powerful lever for regaining financial leeway, securing business, and boosting recovery.

How does Reverse Factoring work?

The operation of Reverse Factoring involves two main principles: the payment by a financial institution of validated and not due supplier invoices and the payment of the cost of the service by the buyer for the benefit of one or more suppliers.

Usually reserved for great enterprises, Reverse Factoring is now accessible to SMEs thanks to URIOS and its network of privileged partners.

URIOS and its partners offer Reverse Factoring solutions to SMEs from €25 million in turnover.

Key success factors of Reverse Factoring

Quick validation of invoices by the Buyer

  • Implementation of a collaborative platform for information-flow
  • Exchange, in real time, of cloud information on invoices issued by suppliers

Enrollment of Suppliers 

  • Establishment of a tripartite agreement
  • Customization of the program according to the needs of the Buyer and its supplier’s typology

Invoice management platform to track the entire program

URIOS and its partners offer you access to a cloud storage invoice management portal so that you and your suppliers can view and track all the data. Suppliers have a very precise view of out standings and benefit from an exhaustive view of their accounts receivable.

Is you company not eligible for Reverse Factoring? URIOS has a solution for you: the Reverse Guarantee

With the Reverse Guarantee , you have the possibility of regaining the trust of your partners without them having to bear the cost of this guarantee, which will allow you to regain some leeway and negotiate more advantageous payment terms. The outstanding amount granted may be distributed through several suppliers.