Cash & Credit

The most agile debt collection and credit management software on the market


  • Reduce terms of payment and accelerate cash inflow
  • Manage credit policy and arbitrate customer risk
  • Generate cash flow forecasts and monitor customer commitments
  • Improve team productivity
  • Share the cash culture internally for better efficiency

Cash & Credit mission:

Accelerate cash inflow, 

Control customer risk

Accelerate cash inflow and improve debt collection strategy

Reduce your terms of payment by systematically deploying personalized reminder scenarios. Thanks to the Cash & Credit collection software, combine preventive and curative levers to reduce your outstanding receivables. Have a real tool for anticipating your cash flow by visualizing the promises of payment to come.

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Manage the credit policy and arbitrate the customer risk according to the real value of the customer

Consolidate all your customer data in one place. The Cash & Credit debt collection software gives you a global financial knowledge by recovering and homogenizing data from different information systems. This 360° view of your customers will enable you to anticipate their payment behavior, to fine-tune your credit policy and to manage your customer risk according to its real value.

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Optimize team productivity by automating dunning and credit management processes

Improve the productivity of debt collection teams by automating repetitive tasks with Robotic Process Automation (RPA). The Cash & Credit collection software allows employees to focus on value-added actions, thus increasing the productivity of financial teams. Employees are freed from repetitive tasks. With an estimated 30% productivity gain, they can focus on higher value-added actions.

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Why choose Cash & Credit debt collection software?

Cash & Credit automates the order-to-cash process for B2B companies. It enables the automation of personalized invoice dunning scenarios, combining preventive and curative levers to eliminate or reduce terms of payment.

Cash & Credit, the most agile debt collection software on the market, enables companies to accelerate cash inflow, reduce outstanding receivables and improve cash flow.

Employees are freed from repetitive tasks. Thanks to an estimated 30% gain in productivity, they can concentrate on higher value-added actions.

What are the advantages of the Cash & Credit debt collection software?

  • Expertise and agility: edited by experts and designed for users, the Cash & Credit collection software easily adapts to any business specificity and any internal process.
  • International customer management: multilingual and multi-currency software.
  • 360° customer vision: recovers and homogenizes data from different information systems.
  • Rapid cash flow gain: up to 50% reduction in overdue receivables.

What are the issues that a debt collection software must address?

Cash & Credit debt collection software meets all the challenges of customer risk and credit management teams:

  1. Reduce terms of payment invoices by systematically deploying all preventive and curative levers.
  2. Improve team productivity by automating repetitive tasks using Robotic Process Automation (RPA).
  3. Share the cash culture between all the players (sales, finance, credit management, collection) to prevent customer risk, accelerate the resolution of disputes and enable payment on time.
  4. Monitor, analyze and anticipate cash collections and manage the teams.
  5. Customize the credit policy according to the real value of the customer.

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