Credit Managment Services

Benefit from the advice of collection experts


  • Optimise the financial health of the company: reduction of overdue payments, optimisation of cash receipts, acceleration of cash inflow, improvement of cash flow and WCR
  • Improve productivity and cooperation of teams: digitalisation, outsourcing of credit management
  • Preserve the client relationship: acceleration of detection of litigation, dedicated amicable solutions

Debt collection : why use URIOS? 

Intercompany credit is 3 times higher than bank overdrafts. Credit management is a key challenge for companies.

Overdue payments or business partner default can generate substantial consequences. It is necessary to be extremely vigilant regarding credit management in companies.

From preventive dunning to contentious collections, we provide you with support as a collections agent throughout your debt collection process with our tailored solutions and our software.

Our solutions:

  • Outsourcing of credit management
  • Preventive dunning
  • Amicable collection of unpaid invoices
  • Contentious collection
  • Collection and credit management software.

Preventive dunning and debt collection

Added-value of our collection solutions

  • A collection strategy adapted to debtor typology
  • A dedicated point of contact throughout the entire procedure
  • Interactive management of folders in your electronic client account and monitoring of our actions in real time
  • Access to a dedicated network of independent legal partners: bailiffs, lawyers, authorised representatives.