Article 06/04/2021

Paris, France, April 06, 2021

URIOS-BEIC, a major player in the working capital management consulting market, is grouping all its activities under a single brand and visual identity: URIOS.

URIOS – BEIC, expert in client and supplier workstations, becomes “URIOS

URIOS – BEIC is the product of the merger of two companies acquired respectively in 2012 and 2015 by Didier and Adeline Monteiro. Historically an expert in financial information, the group has diversified to offer complete coverage of the order-to-cash cycle: identification of market opportunities, validation of the financial health of players, securing customer risk, and collection.

Today, URIOS is the preferred partner of companies to develop and secure their sales in France and abroad, accelerate invoice collection and finance working capital.

“URIOS is a true trust builder between trading partners, a business catalyst and a cash gas pedal. “

Adeline Lobey-Monteiro, Managing Director

With this in mind, the group wishes to capitalize on its historical brand URIOS. URIOS is “the one who gives a favorable wind” and this perfectly reflects the state of mind of the group. Fluidity, efficiency and speed are the key words of the solutions developed for the customers. The symbol associated with the brand are stylized wings to reinforce the idea of flight. URIOS’ main mission is to accompany its clients in their sustainable growth.


The choice of the font and the colors, resolutely modern, have for objective to figure our will to propose always more innovative solutions for the financial directions, the directions purchase and the credit management.

URIOS, innovation at the service of working capital

For many years, the proper management of working capital in general, and of credit policy in particular, has become increasingly complex. With the implementation of the Pact law concerning the confidentiality of accounts, companies have no visibility on the solvency of their partners. This non-transparency, added to the lengthening of payment deadlines due to the current health and economic crisis, tends to tense commercial relations, to increase working capital and to multiply the risk of default by a domino effect.

To help its clients adapt their credit policy and reduce terms of payment, URIOS has implemented major innovations:

  • The Business Report Cash Focus: an in-depth study of the economic and financial situation of partners. This high value-added study, specially adapted to the crisis context, provides detailed and reliable information reflecting solvency in real time. A solvency score is associated with a “Covid-19 resilience” score. 
  • The implementation of financial guarantees with its partner AIG: this innovative solution, which is highly operational and quick to implement, is an alternative to credit insurance for securing customer receivables and thus reducing the risk of non-payment.
  • Automated collection and credit management software: this powerful and agile software accelerates cash inflow and controls customer risk.

With its solutions, URIOS enables its clients to regain room to maneuver at key moments and give full power to their growth or turnaround capabilities.

“We are moving forward while remaining true to our added value in the market, which is to anticipate and secure the solvency of economic players in the service of cash and growth. “

Didier Monteiro – President


URIOS is a consulting firm and software publisher. For nearly 30 years, it has been helping companies to develop and secure their sales in France and abroad, accelerate cash flow and finance working capital.

URIOS is particularly well known for its real-time analysis of the financial health of customers and suppliers and its innovative solutions to reduce the risk of non-payment. It is a true confidence builder between business partners and a catalyst for sustainable growth.

For more information, visit the URIOS website: www.urios.com