ORTEC group experience with URIOS

Feedback client – 08/02/2019

Ortec Group, a long-standing specialist in services to industry, today works in numerous markets: petrol and gas, nuclear, aeronautics and aerospace, automotive, rail, chemicals, pharmacy, agrifood…

Ortec Group focuses its offer around 3 segments: Engineering, Contracting and Global Services. It supports industrials over the entire life cycle of their projects (design, production and maintenance).

The group’s Deputy Director of Legal Affairs at the international hub tells us about her experience with URIOS. She has been working at Ortec for the last 10 years.

1. Why did you call upon the services of URIOS?

We wanted to quickly evaluate the solvency of some potential international partners, mainly in the Africa region, and to evaluate potential risks relating to the Sapin 2 law.

Among the large credit analysis companies, we couldn’t find any providing investigations that were sufficiently pertinent, providing answers to the questions we had. This is in fact still true. The majority of databases have limited presence in this region. It is difficult to obtain reliable information on large African groups.

One of our partners, a broker, told us about URIOS, and this is how we got in contact. Initially, we tested you on 2 or 3 investigations, the results of which were satisfactory. And so we continued working together.

“Your results enable us to reduce our reputational, legal and strategic risks” 

2. How do our solutions help you to solve your issues?

Since the Sapin 2 law was passed, we implemented a new policy to anticipate risks of fraud and corruption. To meet our third-party evaluation obligations, URIOS conducts  Sapin 2 Law Compliance investigations. The search for Politically Exposed Persons (PEP) provides us with a guarantee of our third parties’ integrity, whether these be private individuals [1] or companies. We believe that you have the expertise and network necessary to provide the information we need.

Regarding solvency investigations, we work with URIOS on specific problems such as anticipation of payment behaviour or when our partners’ accounts are confidential. For important clients and new clients, URIOS provides us with more indepth targeted investigations.

[1] N.B. URIOS possesses a CNAPS licence authorising it to conduct civil investigations.

3. Do the results obtained meet your expectations?

Absolutely! The information provided through investigations often made it easier for us to make decisions. Solvency investigations enable us to adapt credit policies more specifically according to our partners. For Compliance with Sapin 2 law and civil investigations, your information enables us to reduce our reputational, legal and strategic risks. We can enter into business relationships with peace of mind.

This research would be time-consuming for us if we were to conduct it ourselves and we do not necessarily have the resources or the skills to do this. URIOS provides a turn-key decision-making solution, which enables us to save time and re-focus our teams on their core business: analysis and implementation of your recommendations.

Financial Intelligence

Evaluate the financial health of your partners to protect yourself from default risks and adapt your intercompany credit conditions.